Jameson Tank's highway to collegiate stardom

Jameson Tank's Highway to Collegiate Stardom

Ashlyn Woods

August 30, 2022

Jameson Tank

Jameson Tankersly| Bryce Burnette | Conner Ankerich | Javier Solorzano

Jameson Tank is a power rock band that formed in Athens, Georgia.

They have played at several notable venues and bars in Athens, Clemson, and throughout the South such as the Georgia Theatre, Boars Head, and Loose Change.


Meet The Band

The Jameson Tank Band or should I jokingly say “the Craigslist band” formed in Athens, Georgia and has four members: 

  1. Jameson Tankersly, a former University of Georgia grad, is the songwriter, guitarist, and lead vocalist of the band. He started his group by posting an ad on Craigslist looking for members.
  2. Bryce Burnette,“the Bush,” is the lead guitarist who was the first person to express interest then...
  3. Conner Ankerich, the drummer, inquired about the group. Conner was also Jameson’s classmate in production class.
  4. Lastly, Javier Solorzano, the bassist backup and lead vocals, expressed interest in the ad.

What type of Genre?

The group is a “power rock band” with sound being that of a “genuine rock band without being metal,” Jameson stated. 

Within Athens there are not many bands that fit under the power rock genre; however, the Classic City is a competitive, nevertheless very welcoming city for musicians to perform and get started

Not only is Jameson Tank’s following growing within Athens, the group has a desire, for the future, to make the transition from playing in smaller towns to playing in bigger cities like Atlanta and New York. The band’s central fan base spurs from Athens and other college towns such as Clemson in which they have a pretty large following in the South Carolina city.

Songwriting process

“If somebody has an idea, like, just let them do it. If they're gonna enjoy playing it more every night, that’s a win for the whole team and vice versa.” - Jameson Tank

When the band was asked about their songwriting process, Jameson, as a songwriter, said that he can bring a piece with the chorus and verses sometimes and Javier, Conner, and Bryce are able to invent and build the music around the material. Moving forward, the band has grown  exponentially with the songwriting process and in coming together and contributing each of the band member’s individual ideas. 

First Gig?

Jameson Tank played  "Too Hot to Hold" and "Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love" live at Furnace 41 in Jonesboro, Georgia and then later  dropped their live performance of those two songs as an EP from their first show. 

When did the band members of Jameson Tank realize they wanted to pursue music?

'Jameson simply knew right off the bat that he wanted to pursue music when he started playing guitar at twelve years old. 

Javier realized it while he was in middle school where he was doing the basic  songs from Michael Jackson and Metallica. “Seeing how alive people felt when listening to this, I was like, pretty awesome you don't have to really do a lot to get people excited about life. Just pick up an instrument. That's pretty much why I’m here.”- Javier Solorzano

Bryce knew he wanted to be a rock star ever since he was six years old. He always had in mind that he wanted to be a guitarist.

And lastly, Conner expressed that he has always had an interest in pursuing music where he also played drums in high school.

When asked how life being the singer in a rock band is, Jameson Replied - “The best thing in the world. Fantastic. I hope we can do it forever.”

In the closing remarks of the interview the band expressed their deep and true love for their performances with no near end in sight for music. As for the most recent news, the band is returning to Athens on August 30th to headline the Georgia Theatre. A little later this year, Jameson Tank’s band will release at least two new singles before the fall; however, Jameson Tank is also now booking fall - reach out at booking@jamesontank.com.

Until then, stay tuned to the band’s upcoming show dates on the Jameson Tank Website

Ashlyn Woods

Ashlyn Woods is an Advertising major studying at the University of Georgia. Her passion for music extends itself to attending live music events and playing her alto saxophone and electric guitars.

Previously, Ashlyn has published pieces for several notable outlets such as the United Nation’s Youth Envoy and NYC visual artist Matt Keegan’s publication called “1996” to name a few!

Her future goals include becoming a producer of music and promoting various entertainment productions.